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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Should I Buy SureStrike™?
The SureStrike™ laser cartridge is an all metal jacketed (Stainless steel), glass (not plastic) eye safe laser. It's a high quality, precision made device that will last for years. Using available adapters, it may be used in a variety of pistols without need to buy another SureStrike™. It is designed specifically for Dry Fire training. SureStrike™ simulates firing a live round. The Sure Strike actually gets cheaper to use the longer you use it. After the warrantied 5,000 shots are used, only the Action Cap is replaced and you can continue shooting for pennies a shot. SureStrike™ is SAFE. When it is loaded according to the instructions, it is impossible to load a live round and the Red Safety Nut shows you it's installed.
Why Dry Fire Training?
Ask any weapons instructor, and he or she will tell you that accuracy with a firearm is affected by a large number of factors, including your body position and how you hold the weapon. Virtually every part of your body is involved in providing a stable shooting platform and proper alignment of the weapon sight with your eyes. Dry fire training involves developing the “muscle memory” that makes assuming the correct shooting position into an automatic process, just as practice serves in any sport. And because the skill of shooting is perishable, dry fire training is ideal since it can be done on a regular basis without needing to visit a shooting range. All top shooters use dry fire training as an essential part of their regimen.
What are the benefits of Laser Ammo products for dry fire exercises?
Dry fire training with Laser Ammo products is the most practical, reliable method known to evaluate how you are really doing before you go to a range. Regular dry-fire training lacks immediate feedback – where a bullet would have struck the target. Laser Ammo products provide the perfect solution for this problem by showing the bullet’s point of impact. Laser Ammo training helps you improve your eye-hand coordination and muscle memory, and enables you to immediately see how well you shoot. With Laser Ammo, you will perform dry-fire drills correctly and prevent the development of bad habits.
Is training with no recoil or sound good for anything?
Dry fire practice is intended to root shooting technique into the trainee. Drawing, chambering, body stability, acquiring the target, sighting and pulling the trigger are all done BEFORE the recoil occurs. The absence of recoil is actually what enables the "sterile" environment needed for a good learning process. Even the bullet's impact point is derived only from pre recoil movements. However, one of the most common shooting errors is flinching, the unwilling movement of the body prior to a shot in anticipation of recoil. Extensive dry fire practice is considered the best way to train against this happening.
Does Laser Ammo provide dry-fire training instruction?
Laser Ammo occasionally releases instructional videos for dry fire training. Check the Laser Ammo web site videos periodically and download from the selection.
How do I load and unload the SureStrike™?
Your SureStrike™ kit should include a Quick User Guide that shows illustrated installation and removal procedures. If you cannot find these instructions, then visit the “User Manuals” section at the Laser Ammo web site and download the Quick User Guide.
What kinds of pistols require the safety pipe extension?
The pipe extension is needed for a pistol with a barrel length of over 4.5 inches (11.4 mm). Multiple pipe extensions can be combined for long barrels, and are available from Laser Ammo. Another option for longer barrels, is to use a long safety pipe.
Do I need to use the Safety Pipe and Safety Nut (the UhrSecure™ system)?
Yes! There are many reasons to use the UhrSecure system, which is essential to the safety and proper function of the SureStrike™:
  • UhrSecure makes it impossible to load a live round in the weapon, and shows the user and anyone else in the area that the weapon is safe and ready for training.
  • Absence of the brightly colored Safety Nut is an immediate reason to stop training, ensure that the weapon is safe, and install the Safety Pipe and Safety Nut.
  • The UhrSecure aligns the laser aperture of the SureStrike™ with the barrel, and ensures accuracy.
  • The SureStrike™ may fit more loosely in some pistols than others, even if they are the same caliber. This may lead to the laser bullet becoming dislodged during training if it is not secured with the Safety Pipe and Safety Nut. In this case, the SureStrike™ can be damaged by the weapon mechanism or fall out unexpectedly from the weapon.
Do I need to use a “Snap Cap”?
No. The SureStrike™ absorbs the shock of the hammer/firing pin/striker, thereby preventing damage that would otherwise result by firing with an empty chamber.
Why can I not see the laser dot?
There are two potential reasons:
  • You are firing with one eye closed, and a part of the weapon is blocking the open eye from seeing the dot. Try firing with both eyes open.
  • The SureStrike™ is not working properly. See the “troubleshooting” section or contact our customer support at
When and how do I use the reflective targets?
Reflective targets enhance visibility of the laser dot when the SureStrike™ is fired. The more light present in the room, the more you will need a reflective target, since the laser dot is less visible as ambient light becomes stronger. Conversely, you may be able to use a regular paper target in a dark room. Attach the reflective target(s) to a flat surface using tape, pin, thumbtack, nail, etc. Beware that you may damage the surface, depending on what attachment method is used, so DO NOT ATTACH THE TARGET IN AN AREA THAT YOU DO NOT WANT TO DAMAGE!
What’s the difference between red and IR (infrared) lasers?
For a great explanation on the differences between red and IR (infrared) lasers and help with choosing between the two, please watch the following informative video on our YouTube channel:
Can the SureStrike™ be used with a single action pistol or semi-automatic weapon?
Yes, the SureStrike™ can be used with all types of pistols. The user must manually reset the hammer/firing pin/striker for each shot. This means retracting the slide, charging handle, etc., or pulling back the exposed hammer.
Does the SureStrike™ produce recoil?
No, it does not. Therefore, on single action pistols the user must manually reset the hammer/firing pin/striker for each shot.
Why does the SureStrike™ have a microprocessor?
The microprocessor in the SureStrike™ serves many purposes. At Laser Ammo, safety is always on our minds. A feature of the microprocessor makes your SureStrike™ eye-safe.
The SureStrike™ microprocessor is also the basis of many product innovations. Certain settings of the microprocessor enable:
  • Shot limiter to indicate magazine change
  • Extended laser duration to show muzzle control errors
  • Always-on laser to act as boresighter
  • Modulation change for operability with other simulation systems
Contact Laser Ammo for more information or special orders.
At what distance is the SureStrike™ laser pulse visible?
The SureStrike™ emits a laser point-of-impact pulse that can be readily seen at least 50 feet (about 15 meters) away indoors. Visibility of the laser pulse is greatly enhanced by using the reflective targets included in the SureStrike™ kit. In darkness, the SureStrike™ laser pulse can be seen at ranges exceeding 1,000 feet (about 300 meters).
Is a SureStrike™ dangerous?
No, it is not – as long as it is used correctly.
Small hand-held laser devices can be potentially dangerous if a constant stream of laser light is pointed directly at the eyes of a bystander. However, the SureStrike™ emits a short laser pulse well under eye safety requirements. The SureStrike™ cannot be “switched on” in its normal state and therefore cannot beam a constant stream of laser light. The SureStrike™ is not a risk to the eyes if used in a normal and appropriate manner. The SureStrike™ conforms to or exceeds ANSI Z136.1-2000 safety requirements. A live round cannot be inserted in the weapon chamber when a properly installed SureStrike™ occupies it. This installation includes the UhrSecure system, which uses a Safety Pipe and Safety Nut that secure the SureStrike™ in the 
weapon. Use of the UhrSecure system is mandatory.
Do Laser Ammo products come with a warranty?
Yes, they do.
Products sold by Laser Ammo are under warranty against manufacturing defects in material and workmanship under normal use. SureStrike™ products are also under warranty for 5,000 laser pulse “shots”, or one year from the date of purchase from Laser Ammo (if under 5,000 shots). For full warranty details, see the Quick User Guide which is included with every Laser Ammo product.
Please note that any unauthorized attempt to open the SureStrike™ cartridge will automatically void the warranty.
What if I need to return a Laser Ammo product?
Contact Laser Ammo customer service at to arrange for a replacement unit. The replacement will be provided as quickly as possible. Note that you will need to return the defective unit to Laser Ammo in order to receive a replacement.
What should I do if my SureStrike™ does not work?
We suggest you first test the battery pack. It should read about 4.5 volts fully charged (new). If the voltage is low, replace the battery pack. If that does not solve the problem, you should contact our customer support at to troubleshoot. If needed, a replacement product will be sent to you.
What should I do if I lose or break a part of my SureStrike™ kit?
Laser Ammo dealers may have spare parts. If not, contact Laser Ammo Customer Service at 516.858.1262 to arrange for a replacement.
How do I maintain my SureStrike™?
The SureStrike™ is an electronic device and should always be treated as such. Keep your SureStrike™ dry. Do not store it in extreme conditions of either heat or cold. Do not drop it or stick it in sand or dirt. Wipe it free from grease or other soiling substances. Remove the battery from the cartridge if it is not going to be in use for a while.
How do I contact Laser Ammo?
Contact info for Laser Ammo is:
Laser Ammo Training Technologies, Inc.
P.O. Box 222017
Great Neck, NY 11022
Customer service is available via:
Phone: 516.858.1262 M-F 9:00am - 5:00pm eastern time.
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