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Recoil Enabled Laser Training

Tactical Training with simulated recoil.

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Perfect Your Skills For A Fraction Of The Cost

Practice Drills & Tactical Training with Simulated Recoil

We always say that there is no replacement for live ammo training. Live ammo has a few disadvantages: a range day is expensive and not all of us can afford it on a daily basis, you cannot train force-on-force (team against team) with live ammo, in most cases, it is hard to work on your holstering with live ammo, and unless you are military or SWAT you cannot do any tactical / combat type training outdoors with your own firearms.

Using the SureStrike™ laser training system is one way to use your own firearms for all of the above mentioned drills, but by using Airsoft weapons you will benefit from other advantages over and above regular dry fire training.

Airsoft has the closest authentic design of actual weapons used by professional shooters, military, special ops and law enforcement. Many shooters find the Airsoft to be a great solution to maintain and perfect their shooting skills for a fraction of the price of live ammo while being able to train outdoors with (and against) your training partners for a combat scenario.

Airsoft training of force-on-force is very common by military and Law Enforcement, and it is becoming more and more popular among shooters.

The Advantages of Training with Recoil

Full Blowback - Safe for Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Safe and Inexpensive
    Training with Airsoft for a fraction of the cost of live ammo and range time.
  • Train for Real Scenarios and Realistic Drills
    Training with Airsoft allows all shooters to perform realistic drills.
  • Full Blowback and No Need To Recycle Your Gun
    Airsoft guns provide full blowback without the need to recycle your weapon.
  • Any Time, Anywhere — Indoors or Outdoors
    Airsoft enables you to perform realistic training anytime, anywhere. Safe for indoor or outdoor use.
  • No need for a special license
    Great for all ages, available in all states.
Flash with LASR software
  • Available for both Pistols and Rifles
    Train with the look and feel of your favorite firearms. Laser Ammo prides ourselves on listening to our client's needs and bringing the best and most innovative training products to the market. We have developed a few different solutions for Airsoft users both for pistols and rifles.
  • Our Full Range of Accessories Lets You Train Your Way
    Train with simulators, electronic targets, and tactical vests like laser tag vests or military MILES gear.
  • Full Blowback Gives You The Most Realistic Experience
    Get full blowback when training with your iMTTS Laser Targets and/or L.A.S.R. software.
  • Develop Combat and Force-On-Force Skills
    Can be used with war-gaming and close quarter battles. Develop your combat skills, by training force-on-force with different teams.
Easy Installation of REAL
  • Easy Installation
    Changing your Airsoft to a laser-emitting weapon has never been so easy with the SureStrike™ adapters.
  • Realistic Training Scenarios
    Practice combat training and more realistic scenarios at home or outdoors.
  • Choose between Visible or IR Lasers
    Like all of our training solutions, you can choose between red or IR lasers, by changing different vibration caps you can change functionality, laser pulse length and customize it to work with any simulator. It is also easy to change batteries.
  • Train with your AR-15
    No need to cycle the handle on your AR-15.

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