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NRA Instructor Incentive Program

We are proud to work with the NRA to sustain and expand the efforts of the Education & Training Department!

We truly believe that good technology can and will assist you – The trainer - with your training to make better, smarter, safer and well-trained shooters.

With our products you can easily develop, improve and maintain your trainees shooting skills by showing them how to practice their stance, gun presentation, sight alignment, sight picture, breathing control, trigger pull, and follow through.

How do you become a part of the NRA instructor program?

Three Simple Steps.


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  • We offer 10% discount to all US firearms trainers (Excludes already discounted packages)
  • All other firearms trainers, please contact us via email: or call: 516-858-1262 to receive your discount.

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We Support The NRA members and its Trainers!

We are making sure your freedom and profession will continue to be safe — Laser Ammo offers the most up to date technology that you can use across several different firearms platforms. To best suit your needs, choose between using your own firearms, recoil conversion guns like Simunition or UTM, or non-guns like Airsoft for simulated recoil training or the Advanced Training Laser Pistol.

For full comprehensive training, you can choose one or more of our standalone electronic targets, computer software or simulators that will give both you - the instructor - and the trainee more information and feedback when using our laser platforms.

Additional NRA Safety Instructions

All training aids being used in place of or alongside a firearm should be treated with the same respect and safety as an actual firearm. Bad habits can easily be reinforced through lax practice, so you must be absolutely sure that all necessary respect for firearms safety rules is followed at all times. Regardless of the tool being used with or in place of a firearm during training, safety comes first.

For this reason, and in order to follow up with the fundamental NRA rules for safe gun handling, we recommend to disassemble the firearm and remove the barrel to insert the safety pipe and safety nut. Then reassemble the firearm for safe practice.

Want To Become a Dealer?

If you have a permanent office and/or website and want to resell training products to your clients, please note that Laser Ammo offers a Dealer Direct Program.

Feel free to send an e-mail to or call (516) 858-1262 with any questions about becoming a dealer.